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    Success Stories

    "Doug is extremely knowledgeable and is able to communicate the principles of the swing in simple terms. He emphasizes the physical as well as the mental aspects of the game. He is always available and encouraging." - Joe A.

    "Doug is a knowledgeable, sincere, humble & positive guy. He combines the physical and mental aspects of the game specifically tailored to your way of learning! He has a true talent of changing your frustration into positive energy. I've improved so much and I owe it to Doug!" - Debra Auger

    "I have known Doug for over 7 years and in that time he has been a remarkable teacher. Since I am a senior who took up golf when I was in my 50's and am not very athletic, he has shown great patience in working with me to make a successful golfer. I have also seen him work with students of various ages and he observes their swing and works with the best parts and makes improvements on others to make golf an enjoyable sport. No one can go wrong by using him to improve their game." - Jeff Gillman

    "Doug Holub has helped me greatly improve my golf game. He gives you a plan and goals that can be achieved with that plan and hard work.Everytime I work with him I come away knowing that I just got better as a player"
    - Dave Fardon 2011 United States Mid-AM qualifer

    PGA Member
    Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course
    PGA Member
    Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course